The Skies of No-Man’s Land is a Fantasy Savage Worlds setting in a world, reeling from the throes of a terrible World War of its own, suddenly and horrifically had magic thrown into it in a desperate attempt to end it with a victory for one side. The Dead of No-Man’s Land, and all across the continent of Thalland where the war was mainly being fought, rose up against the Living, and now fight a multi-front war to wipe out all Life in favor of UnLife.

This setting uses World War I era technological level, complete with airplanes, machine guns, howitzers, early tanks, steam and diesel railroads, airships, and submarines. In the effort to stop the designs of the Dead, the Living must do what they can to find Magical secrets hidden away or thought lost for centuries if they are going to bring things back to rights again.

The Skies of No-Man's Land

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